How to work with a BerlinCaseViewer LIVE EVENT

Hello, you will find it is very easy to work with BerlinCaseViewer in the web browser. No need to install our app from Apple App Store or Google Play!

It’s best to bring your own tablet or laptop to the event. Don’t worry, if that’s not possible we also have some iPads available to borrow for free.

And very important! If you have any questions, give us a call or send us a text message. Here is our support number:

+49 176 44951142

We are really happy to help you!

How to enter the platform

Here is the link to log in to our platform:

There you will find the cases and also the live stream. This will open in a new window so that you can switch back and forth. If you have two monitors, move one window to the second monitor. You can also log in on two devices.

Enter your name and email address on the welcome page. Then click “Join now”. You will receive an email with a link and a one-time password. Either click on the link or enter the one-time password in the corresponding field.

If you have a password, you can also log in with your email address and password in the right-hand column.

Enter your details on the next page. If you are from Germany, enter your EFN number. We will report this to the relevant medical association and you will automatically receive your CME points. Click OK when you are finished.

You are now on the main page of our training platform and can access all relevant functions and modules from here. Try it out! In the settings at the top right, you can now check the spelling of your name and add information. Your certificate of participation will be issued based on this data.

As mentioned, the live stream will start in a new window or browser tab. This allows you to drag it to a second monitor.

Try out the first case now and learn more about our mascot, a giraffe. We have our own video on the exact function of the viewer, please watch it.

The “Cases” button is also important. This will take you back to the main level of our platform at any time.

Click here to learn about our viewer.