Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions can guide the user through the case. The suspense is maintained until the very end of the case. The color overlays usually appear after the questions have been answered. Various question types are available.

Adding the case to a workshop

In order to add questions to our case we will need to move it into a “Workshop”, this will allow us to make a collection of cases with additional features like questions. To create a workshop and add cases you will have to:

  • Click on the “Workshop”-tab at the top
  • Press the green “Plus”-button at the top right
  • Input a workshop title and press on “Insert”
  • A new workschop will be created with the selected title and should be opened immediatly
  • In order to add a case to the workshop click on “Add case” at the top left and click on the cases you want to add

Adding questions to a case in the workshop

  • Make sure you are in the workshop-tab inside of the correct workshop and are in edit-mode (“ready”-button visible at the top left) if not, click on “Edit” to switch to edit-mode
  • Press on the “view”-button (looking like an eye) on the case you want to add questions to
  • A popup should open, showing the series of the case with a few buttons above
  • If you dont see any buttons make sure you are in edit-mode (“ready”-button visible at the top left)
  • Now you can either select the button “new Question” or, if you have already created a fitting question, search for it by clicking “add existing question”

Creating a new question

  • If you selcted “add new question” inside of the case in the workshop you will now be able to create a new question
  • Here you will have a few settings available
    • Position after series: where the question will be placed in your case. You will be able to change this later
    • Required: Whether users will have to answer this question in order to see the images/findings after this question
    • Bezeichnung: A name for the question, you can use this to find the question later on
    • Deutsch/English: The actual text of the question
    • Type: What kind of question it should be. Depending on this selection additional options will become available
  • In this tutorial we will focus on the multiple choice question so select “multiple choice” in the Type-dropdown menu
  • Then click the newly appeared “add Answer”-button until you have as many answers as you want
  • Simply input the texts for the answers and define the correct answer by selecting it in the “Answer”-dropdown
  • Lastly press on “Insert” and your question should appear inside your case overview
  • There you can change its position by dragging and dropping it where you like