Editing basic info

Here we will explain how to enter patient history and demographic data and categorize and index the case.

  • Search for the case you want to edit in the “Cases” tab
  • Open the case you want to edit by clicking on it
  • If you havent created a case yet check out the section about uploading images and case creation
  • Once you have opened the desired case, you should see the overview for the case
  • To switch to edit-mode, click on the “Edit”-button at the top left
  • if you see a “ready”-button in the upper left corner you are already in edit-mode

case overview before clicking edit

Edit patient information

  • Make sure you are in edit mode (you should see the “ready-button” on the top left)
  • You can now select fields and enter information
  • You will find “Age” and “Sex” on the left center, these will be displayed with every case so make sure they are filled in

Add diagnosis and history

  • The next important step is to add the correct diagnosis and patient history
  • Directly above your uploaded images, in the “Texts”-segment, you can click the fields “diagnosis”, “Medical history”, “Clinical findings” and “comments” to add the appropiate informations
  • The fields are available twice, once in your main language on the left side and in English on the right side

example for diagnosis

The inputs should contain:

  • Diagnosis: The diagnosis of the case, if uncertain possible differential diagnoses
  • Medical History: A short history of the patient, describing his symptoms and relevant background
  • Clinical findings: Relevant clinical findings, including physical examination findings and lab results
  • Comments: Additional information regarding the diagnosis. These will be displayed at the end of the case together with the diagnosis