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#IDoR2023: Brandnew Chest X-ray Module Celebrating International Day of Radiology

On November 8th, 1895, the future Nobel laureate Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen had a stroke of luck: Radiation invisible to the human eye had the ability to make otherwise concealed things visible. Initially, Roentgen referred to these short-wavelength, high-energy rays as “X-rays.” Later on, in German they would be called “Röntgenstrahlen” (Roentgen rays) in his honor. […]

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NEW: Module on MRI of the Knee Joint Focussing on Meniscus Injuries

Czy mówisz po polsku? Now radiologists and rheumatologists in our neighboring country Poland can get a head start on X-ray diagnosis of rheumatic diseases of the hands and feet in their native language. How did it come about? Dr. Dennis Bielecki, a radiologist currently working at Kings College in London, approached us looking for opportunities to collaborate. As he has extensive knowledge in the field of conventional radiography and completed his studies in Poland – as a US-American – it was obvious to ask him to translate selected cases.