Adding text elements

No case is complete without a good summary of imaging findings and specifics. Ideally, some learning points also follow the summary. Here we show you how to insert such text blocks.

  • Search for the case you want to edit in the “Cases” tab
  • Open the case you want to edit by clicking on it
  • If you havent created a case yet check out the section about uploading images and case creation
  • Once you have opened the desired case, you should see the overview for the case
  • To switch to edit-mode, click on the “Edit”-button at the top left
  • if you see a “ready”-button in the upper left corner you are already in edit-mode

case overview before clicking edit

Creating a text element

If you want to display some additional information after a specified series or give some patient information before dislaying an image, it can be very helpful to insert a series with some text. This series can be used for a variety of purposes like pointing out relevant imaging findings or giving some patient background.

To create a text element:

  • Press the “Add series”– button right next to the ready”-button
  • Select HTML/Text as type. This will allow you to create a general text placeholder which you can customize to your needs
  • Press Insert when you are done

Now you see the overview for you text element and can customize it for your needs:

  • In the menu at the top left, you can select the Sub-Type which will change the preview image for the text series
  • In the area below you can choose a Headline  which will be displayed at the top of your text series and the HTML/Text which will be shown below
  • When you are pleased with the result you can return to your case by pressing the “Case …”-button next to the “ready”-button
  • Your newly created text-series should now be displayed with the rest of your series and you can drag and drop it to the position of you choice
  • To change the text series at a later time, you can press the “Edit”-button above the trash can on the preview image

Creating a text series example